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Amazing Podcast

An editor directed me to this podcast while I was writing a short story about an “unlikeable female character” and I was hooked. This podcast is utterly amazing. The discussions have been life changing for me both personally as a woman and for my writing. These three women are doing an incredible service to females everywhere, making us feel as though we don’t have to grasp onto the archetype of the perfect, kind, gentle woman to be accepted in life. We can just be ourselves. And men be damned if they don’t like it. Highly recommend, to authors and non-authors alike.

Witty, smart and interesting podcast

I just discovered this podcast a few months ago. Love the topic - female characters who don't care if you like them - and the podcasters' discussion about them from a feminist perspective. I especially loved the holiday gift guide - hilarious (and great suggestions)! Layne, Kristen, and Wendy, thanks for helping me get through this pandemic with intelligent, funny, and lively conversation!

My Favorite New Podcast

As an author of gritty crime fiction featuring queer female protagonists, I have fallen head over boots over this bold, funny, no-holds-barred podcast that explores the likeability trap that so many female authors face regardless of genre or subgenre. All three hosts are brilliant, talented, well-read, and entertaining.

It was what we were all thinking

It’s great to listen to woman authors talk about the thriller genre with so much enthusiasm and honesty. They really embrace discussing the double standards that anti-heroines face as opposed to anti-heroes. Plus I loved being introduced to Amy Gentry! Keep up the great work 😁🔪

HELL yeah

Great, unique podcast looking at various flavors of fictional women we either love to hate or, honestly, sometimes just love unabashedly. It also serves as a really good springboard for finding new media to pick up. More bad women forever, thank you!!!

Must-listen for writers, readers, and feminists!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a wealth of resources where I can listen to smart, funny writers interrogate internalized misogyny, what it means to write (and love!) unlikeable female characters and other bookish topics. Do yourself a favor and check this one out.