Oct. 26, 2022

Episode 99: Treacherous Times with Wanda M. Morris

Wendy welcomes Wanda M. Morris to discuss her new historical thriller ANYWHERE YOU RUN, what it takes to make the past come alive on the page, and finding joy and hope in dark books (and darker times).

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Oct. 12, 2022

Episode 98: No Body, No Crime with Kelly J. Ford

Kristen is joined by author Kelly J. Ford to discuss her new Southern noir novel REAL BAD THINGS, the maddeningly minefield of apologizing as a woman, and why we’re in a golden age for writing weird queer shit.

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Sept. 28, 2022

Episode 97: Reaching the Boiling Point with Courtney Summers

Layne welcomes Courtney Summers to the show for a chat about her harrowing new novel I’M THE GIRL, the significance of writing about girls who are super gay for each other, and how to hype yourself (and your work) without …

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Sept. 14, 2022

Episode 96: From Sex Cults to Rom Coms with Ashley Winstead

Layne talks with Ashley Winstead about her absolutely badass new novel THE LAST HOUSEWIFE, the problem of female pleasure under the patriarchy, and how she stays sane by toggling between thrillers and romantic comedies.

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Aug. 31, 2022

Episode 95: Rage & Rule Breaking with Gwendolyn Kiste

Layne’s celebrating spooky season early with feminist horror author Gwendolyn Kiste! Tune in for their chat about Gwendolyn’s feminist as hell DRACULA meets JANE EYRE mashup RELUCTANT IMMORTALS, why women are so good at controlling our murderous urges, and what …

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Aug. 17, 2022

Episode 94: Red Flags & Future Selves with Sarah Zachrich Jeng

Layne interviews Sarah Zachrich Jeng about her speculative feminist thriller THE OTHER ME, why selfishness is necessary to make art, and the men we should all watch out for.

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Aug. 3, 2022

Episode 93: Eat Slay Loathe with Amina Akhtar

Layne welcomes Amina Akhtar (and her celebrity pup Bean!) back to the show to talk about her new novel KISMET, the Christopher Columbusing of wellness culture, and why we’re all getting weirder.

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July 27, 2022

Episode 92: Hot Goth Summer with Isabel Cañas

Layne celebrates Hot Goth Summer with Isabel Cañas, author of THE HACIENDA (remember that Hot Priest book from our summer reads episode? This is it, bitches!). Plus: how the hell Isabel completed this book while also getting her PhD, why …

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July 20, 2022

Episode 91: Stubborn as Hell with Margarita Montimore

Layne chats with author Margarita Montimore about her new novel ACTS OF VIOLET, writing stories based on your personal obsessions rather than what’s popular, and why success comes to those who stay stubborn as hell.

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July 13, 2022

Episode 90: Surviving & Thriving with Tess Gerritsen

Layne talks to legendary thriller author Tess Gerritsen about the unlikeable female character she just couldn’t kill off, the secret to keeping a long-running series feeling fresh, and why older women make the best spies (and serial killers).

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July 6, 2022

Episode 89: A Thrill You’ll Never Forget with Sandra SG Wong

Kristen and Layne welcome multi-talented multi-genre author Sandra SG Wong for a chat about her new suspense novel IN THE DARK WE FORGET, the challenges of crafting a main character who has no idea who she is, and what it’s …

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June 22, 2022

Episode 87: Spice Girls and Sisterhood with Juno Dawson

Kristen and Layne chat with author Juno Dawson about her new novel HER MAJESTY’S ROYAL COVEN, how to create a truly inclusive magical world, and the eternal power of the Spice Girls.

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June 15, 2022

Episode 86: Queen Shit with Hannah Whitten

Layne welcomes Hannah Whitten for a chat about her new sisterhood-centric fantasy novel FOR THE THRONE, the power of being your own biggest fan, and how Adam Driver brings people together.

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May 25, 2022

Episode 83: Power and Empowerment with Tori Eldridge

Badass author (and actual ninja) Tori Eldridge returns to the show to discuss her new globe-trotting, century-spanning dark fantasy novel DANCE AMONG THE FLAMES, writing fiction that doesn’t give a damn about genre, and why power-hungry female characters can be …

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May 18, 2022

Episode 82: Wuthering Heights: The Musical! with Hannah Gregory

This very special episode is an Unlikeable Female Characters first: a sneak peak at soon-to-be-premiered musical! Layne welcomes playwright and composer Hannah Gregory for a chat about her original folk musical based on WUTHERING HEIGHTS, classic unlikeable female character Cathy …

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