Episode 21: The Witch

October 16, 2019

For our second Halloween episode, Kristen and Layne discuss why the witch is an enduring feminist icon and share some favorite witchy literature, as well as tales of their own experiences dabbling in the dark arts.

Mentioned in this episode: The Grace Year by Kim Liggett / The Craft Waking the Witch by Pamela Grossman / Witches in Print; Or How the Patriarchy Weaponized the Printing Press to Silence Independent Women by Jessica Caponigro / Becoming Dangerous: Witchy Femmes, Queer Conjurers, and Magical Rebels edited by Katie West & Jasmine Elliott / Dead Blondes and Bad Mothers: Monstrosity, Patriarchy, and the Fear of Female Power by Sady Doyle / Half-Hanged Mary by Margaret Atwood / Vichcraft

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